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The Journey Begins

Thank you for joining me on what has been an incredible journey. My Myeloma Cancer Warrior journey began in December 2018. I journaled the treatments, my experiences and my thoughts on Social media. Twelve months on I am in the miracle space of remission and it has now been a time to reflect on the those last twelve months bringing it all together on this blog.

If you followed me on the socials then you’ll hear the stories again, however with an additional entry “upon reflection” as I view that year as a different person, a changed person, and how I now see things in hindsight.

I hope this blog brings hope and inspiration to others going through cancer. Much will be focused on Myeloma but at the end of the day, it is about the emotions, the effects of chemo and the life changing experiences we all go through, despite the type of cancer.

I hope this blog serves as a source of reference for friends and family of Cancer Warriors. We mustn’t forget what our carers and loved ones go through physically and emotionally. Cancer not only impacts the Warrior but all those surrounding our life. Strangers, friends, family. No one is immune to the effects of cancer.

I’m neither a counselor nor medical expert. I am not right or wrong in MY opinions. This is about MY experience with MYeloma.

Let the journey begin from the past, moving into the future, living with cancer. Maria Camerotto. Diagnosed 18.12.2018. Age 52.

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Cancer Warriors

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