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Maria Camerotto Empowerment Coach & End of Life Doula

Maria Camerotto
Holistic Counsellor | Chair Yoga & Meditation Coach | End of Life Doula

Wow, what a title, right?!  It's been a journey to get those accreditations. 


After being in the insurance industry for 13 years, we established KIA Consulting in 2008.  My role focused on intercultural business consulting.  Bridging the cultural gap between Australia and South Korea, I have worked with government, small and large businesses creating tailor made programs for Australians to live and study in South Korea, Cultural Diversity Workshops for Australian businesses dealing with South Korea, presenting Australian culture to South Korean Homestay Students, travel & projection management of tours and trade missions into South Korea, buyer events and many more wonderful bi-lateral projects with both countries.

In 2018, life changed when I was diagnosed with a blood cancer, Multiple Myeloma.  Consulting and travel was put on hold as I focused on my treatment for twelve months.  This incredible journey led me as an Ambassador for Peter MacCallum Cancer Hospital as well as doing media work with pharmaceutical & medical research companies and a top leading Australian hematologist.   Speaking, blogging, writing and now mentoring and communicating with other Cancer Warriors, families, and businesses who are touched by cancer has become a new direction in my career.  My event management skills are put to organising fundraising events for cancer warriors and those affected by cancer.

Now I am what you can call a Multi-Facet Consultant.   My twist of fate came to a calling of assisting people in changing their own lives around as they live with a chronic illness.  My practice, Soulful Heart, has been online over Covid lockdowns (2020-2021).  My personal work with individuals continues however, we are now open for businesses as people return to the office away from home, however,  some with hesitation, phobias and fears.

I am a certified Holistic Counsellor.  My work also includes working with the dying as an End of Life Doula but what does that mean.  Well, you are not dead till you're dead.  So whilst you are living, you still have a voice, you still have rights, you still have time to work on your living and dying wishes, advanced care directives amongst many other projects you want to organise for the rest of your life.  What I provide is guidance to have some control back in your life to gives you  control because, let me tell you, when you are diagnosed with a non-curable, life ending disease, control is all you sort to keep you sane.  Family and friends, I am here too.  Check out my website for a personalised list of counselling and doula work to assist you.


How is Counselling different to a Psychologist?


A psychologist is a medical practitioner who work with their patients on finding out the why, working through the "why".  A Counsellor is a non medical role.  Our job is to provide the tools to move forward mentally, physcially & spiritually in any area the need is required.  A Holistic Counsellor works with the mind, body and soul which includes meditation and chair yoga as tools.

Don't be afraid to talk to us about the challenges in work and personal life!

Tap on About Soulful Heart Pages to find out more detail about Counselling & my End of Life Doula work here

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